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Lauren Sue
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
:iconpurplerose1plz::iconpinkrose2plz::icongreenroseplz:Welcome To My Page!!:icongreenroseplz::iconpurplerose5plz::iconpinkrose6plz:

Hiya! The names Lauren

I like:
:bulletred:Rainbow/Colorful things
:bulletyellow:Harvest Moon
:bulletgreen:Taking pictures
:bulletpurple:Scary Movies
:bulletpink:Anything cute ♥
:bulletblue:Blood On The Dance Floor
:bulletpink:Cartoons ♥

Things I Don't Like:
:bulletred:When people harrass me
:bulletorange:When people leave hateful comments about stupid things
:bulletyellow:Bullying in general
:bulletgreen:Flirting through the computer (If I'm never going to meet you then there's no point)
:bulletblue:Wen ppl tlk lyke dis -__-
:bulletpink:Copy Cat

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I write a ton of journals about my life, so if you want to get to know about me that's the place to start

I have a lot of random crap on here and I'm sort of a pack rat (in life or on electronics) so I can't stand to get rid of anything. On the bright side you can see how I have improved (:

I'm real friendly, so if you wanna talk I'm here ♥

Catch ya later,
XOXO, Mitsuki Nala

Other Account: ~*♥:iconglowstixngummibears:♥*~
Relationship Status: ~*♥Single ♥*~
Between getting new jobs and taking care of my grandmother, I've decided I wanted to be more active here again. 
Not sure if I can keep up with groups right now, but I do have some characters I'd like to upload once they're all colored and maybe some RPs.
Not quite sure, but HEY! I'm here, so tell me what you think!
  • Listening to: Or Nah
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Bob's Burgers
  • Playing: Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Coke


Talia Flourish [Year One] BA by oOoKenshinLoveroOo
Talia Flourish [Year One] BA

Timezone: Eastern Time Zone

Full Name: Talia Flourish

Gender: Female

Species: Chréatúir Gléasra 
Literally translates into Plant Creature in Irish) Her kind is born from the Earth like the budding of a rose. Her body is composed of both plant and human features. She bleeds red and breathes oxygen, but her body is made up of different plants and she instinctively uses photosynthesis

Birthday: April 23

Age: 18

Class Year: 1st

Main Classes:




RP Method: Mainly Script and Paragraph

Best RP by: Best in notes, but I can do comments and Skype for group RPs

Special Abilities:
 -Chlorokinesis- Control over plants
 -Plant Generation- Ability to grow plants at will

 -Talia loves nature for obvious reasons
 -She understands and likes to tend to the needs of various animals
 -More often than not, she loves to lay out in the grass on warm, sunny days
 -She adores talking to all kinds of people and making friends
 -Her favorite flower is a rose and she regularily uses them as accents in her hair
 -She loves every color of the rainbow, none more so than the color red
 -Talia likes to be woken up in the mornings by the sweet chirp of a red robin
 -When the weather gets too hot, Talia enjoys to go swimming in lakes and rivers
 -She enjoys heights, because she can look out over the beauty of the earth.
 -Talia has also grown very fond of chocolate

 -Though she will try to put up a tough act, if fire or any hot object comes too close, she will spaz out
 -Talia hates everything about guns, regardless of it's real or just a toy
 -She thinks music and cell phone ring tones are annoying
 -Animal and plant cruelity fires her up
 -She's not a fan of excessive cold whether, because it causes the flowers on her body to wilt
 -Dark areas where light can't shine through, causes her to feel weak and frustrated
 -She does not like sarcastic people, because she hasn't yet caught on to 'sarcasm' and she starts to feel dumb
 -She's easily frustrated with modern technology, even with the simplest things like push/pull doors

 Talia is a happy-go-lucky, free spirited kind of girl. She sees the bright side of eveything and is always more than happy to spread her positive energy around to everyone. As a genetic rule, she is incredibly gentle and graceful, almost like how the wind moves quickly and lightly brushes against your face. She talks a lot, though she doesn't always know what she's talking about. Easily distracted, Talia finds herself wandering far away from what she is supposed to be doing from time to time and has to be put back on track more often than not. She is also rather ditzy at times, without meaning to be. Incredibly friendly and sociable, she is easily excited when surrounded by a lot of people. It's not strange for her to start a conversation with a complete stranger. Talia believes strongly in building healthy relationships. She's a very reliable and loyal friend. Once she accepts you as a trustworthy person and friend, she will go to the ends of the earth to make you smile and protect you. Talia is also very sensitive, meaning her feelings are easily hurt if you say the wrong things. Though, it may be hard to make her mad, when you do she is very good at holding a grudge, though most of the time she is a fairly happy and excitable person. She has a natural glow to her when she is extremely happy and a sort of dim or dull appearance when she is depressed.

 Long ago, a man named Sylas, with the gift to control the earth, moved to a small town in the mountains. There he tried to benefit the townsfolk. Growing herbs that could be used as medicine, creating fields of beautiful flowers, and raising trees to provide shade for the children as they play. Instead of being appreciative, though, the residents became scared of the man. They feared that he may turn on them one day and try to kill them with his unnatural powers.

 In the middle of the night, some of the town’s people gathered outside of his house and set the building a blaze. Sylas fortunately made it out of the burning mass before he could be burnt, crushed, or suffocated. He tried to run, but was cornered in his back yard. Sylas begged for his life, asked what it was that he done wrong. The villagers called him a witch, a demon, a curse. He managed to escape into the forest, but the town’s people weren’t far behind. They shot arrows and guns at the poor man, swearing out loud that they would find and kill him.

 Weakened from blood loss, Sylas collapsed to the ground in front of an oak tree. Resting his weary head against the bark, he used the last of his strength to create an environment that the townsfolk could not enter. Large, thick vines with poison tipped thorns, kept the villagers from reaching their creator. When they finally gave up pursuing him, Sylas took a look around at the mystical plane he had created. Luminous plants lit up the otherwise dark surroundings and a few fireflies flickered around his head. Sylas wished, out loud, that he could explore this new environment. With a final breath, he closed his eyes from the beauty and passed with a smile on his face.

 The ground beneath his now lifeless corpse, absorbed the blood that fled from his body. The vessel that Sylas left behind slowly began to dissolve into the oak tree his head still rest against. Sylas became part of the forest he had created.

 Once every two years, on the same day, at the same time, a Chréatúir Gléasra is born in a different area of the vast forest. They unknowingly live with a piece of their creator inside of them. Sylas’ spirit guides them throughout their childhood, he protects them, until they make the decision to leave the mystical forest on their own.

 Talia was born 19 years ago in a meadow full of brightly colored, exotic flowers. At an early age, she found that she could grow these same plants and quickly adopted them as hair and clothing accessories. It didn't take long for the young girl's curiousity to kick in and she decided to explore everything that this mystical forest had to offer. She came across many perculiar flowers, trees, fruits, and other greenerary. She discovered beautiful water falls and springs, fields of flowers that sang when the wind blew through them, and swampy areas that were lit only with flowers that glew in the dark.

 As she wandered the magical plains around her, she also discovered more intriguing things about herself as well. She learned to grow the flowers that glew in the dark so she would have a light source at night, she made shelters for herself out of leaves that she had grown to gigantic sizes, she grew her own fruit to eat from the palm of her own hand, vines wrapped around her when she felt lonely or scared. These abilities came naturally to her, though she never knew why.

 The one thing that was always on her mind was: Why haven't I met anyone yet?" It was true that the forest she lived in was vast and she had explored a great deal of it, but could it really be so big that, even if there were others out there like her, would she never be able to meet them? Futhermore, what was she and why did she exisist? Was it natural for her to be able to grow plants? Was green a common skin color? And if she really was part vegetation, why could she walk and see and breath when all of the other flowers could not? Talia had so many questions, but no body to answer them.

 The world can be a lonely place when you have nobody else around and Talia was starting to feel the full effect of it. The flowers and trees that once kept her so much company, no longer had the same effect on her. It longer felt like enough to keep her happy. The sad little plant girl trudged on, though. Then one day, she finally found the forests edge. A wall of dark green vines that stretched higher than she could see, was all that kept anything from getting into her little world. A smile stretched across her light green lips as she placed a hand on the vines. She was hesitant and nervous to move them aside, but she couldn't wait to see what was on the other side.

 The vines slowly sepereated from one another to form a gap just wide enough for the little girl to move through. What Talia saw on the other side blew her away. Fuzzy creatures that walked on four legs stopped and starred at the green girl. Trickling creeks of clear water could be heard in the distance and orange leaves fell from the trees on teh other side, which was something that didn't happen at her home. Mostly Talia was taken back by the little creatures that she saw. They stood approxiamtely waist high and were a light brown color. Their white tails and big ears twitched and the looked over the young girl. Talia stood perfectly still, she was both amazed and frightened at the same time. She had no idea what to make of them and yet, she wanted nothing more than to touch them.

 Finally, the brown creature look a step closer to Talia. Then another and another, until it was standing right in front of her. Talia kneeled down slowly to look into it's deep brown eyes. It's ear twitched once more and Talia smiled softly at it as if to say "don't be scared." The plant girl held her hand out and let a small home fruit grew in her palm. The creture sniffed it for a moment, but then happily ate it from her hand. Talia gently patted it's head, her hands shaking furiously. She had never been so scared and excited and simply full of such adrenaline in her life. She wondered breifly if she was dreaming it all.

 Then she, and the creature, heard a cracking sound. She knew the sound well, it was that of a tree branch snapping in half. She had apologized many times at home to trees for breaking their branches. The fuzzy creature ran in the opposite direction, but Talia stood firm, paralyzed with fear of the unknown. She watched in the direction of the sound, only to be greeted with something of pale complection, loose skin, and adorn in a light pink material that Talia was not familiar with.

 "Do you know what that was?" it asked softly. Upon closer inspection, Talia noticed that it kind of looked a bit like her. It had fingers, eyes, hair, and a mouth that was grinning from ear to ear. Talia said nothing response to the things question. "Do you understand what I'm saying?" it asked a again. This time it's head titled to the side and its face showed...worry. "If you do, please nod." it explained as it moced it's head up and down in example. Talia nodded her head slowly to show that she could understand her. "Oh, good!" It sighed in relief, "Sometimes, you come out of there not even understanding english." Talia's eyes grew wide in shock. This thing knew what she was, where she came from, and had seen more of her. What was this creature?
 "Do you know how to speak?" It asked another question, "If not, could you shake your head?" Talia contemplated for a moment. Speak? Is that was thing is doing to communicate? Am I even able to do that? Slowly, Talia shook her head. She had never tried to speak before, she wasn't even sure that she could. The flowers at home couldn't talk. Neither could the trees or fruits. Nothing could speak, so why would she be able to?

 "Would you like to come to my home? I can answer all of your questions there." It spoke again. This thing was very calm with Talia. It didn't make any loud noises or sudden movements and it didn't demand anything of her, it simply requested. As nervous and wary as Talia was to trust this thing, she nodded her head. "Good. Follow me please. My home isn't far from here." It turned it's back to Talia and started ot walk away. Talia followed behind the creature.

 Talia found herself at a shelter made of wood, with little yellow and purple flowers growing all around it. Some plants where even put in a hard casing and hung up from the roof. It occured to Talia at that moment, that maybe this thing wasn't so bad after all, it obviously enjoyed the company of many different plants as well. The creature walked inside the house and waited for Talia to follow. It then pulled over a mid-sized structure made of tiny logs and told the plant girl to sit.

 "Let me begin by telling you my name dear. I am Rosaline. You can call me Rose, though." It said as it placed a a liquid holder in front of her. "I am a female human. There are thousands of humans, people, in the world. You find too many venturing out this far, though." Rosaline began to explain. Talia examined the liquid in front of her. It was a brownish-red color that she had never seen before. "It's tea, dear. I promise it won't hurt you." Rosaline smiled as she took a sip from her container. Talia picked up the hard, cold, material and sniffed it. It smelled decent enough, so she took a drink adn to her surprise it was delicious.
 "I'm sure you have a million question about who and what you are." Rosaline began, "Would you like to hear your story?" Talia stared up at the woman and nodded curiously. Talia lisntened intently to Rosaline as she told teh stoyr of Sylas and hoe he possessed great powers beyond mortal  understanding. She teared up, when Rosaline got to the part of Sylas passing away and giving life to the forest and to Talia. Some many questions had been answered all in that one short story.

 "My ancestor was one of Sylas' few friends and when he passed she was devasted. She promised to always look after and protect his forest from the villagers. Then she saw one of your kind walk out from behind those vines and she brought it upon herself to look after them. This has been passed down from generation to generation. Now, I want to help you." Rosaline explained with a gentle grin as she moved her hand a little closer to Talia. Talia was mildly confused about all of this. If she was Sylas' friend, why would she let him be destroyed and why would they care so much as to try and help her people?

 "Would you like to learn to speak?" the woman asked graciously. Talia's eyes widened. This lady had taught many others like herself to speak and understand her words. Perhaps she could do the same for her. Talia nodded excitedly and Rosaline smiled and began her lessons. It took some time before Talia was clearly talking and pronouncing words correctly (or at least enough to understand her). She learned many things in her time spent with Rosaline, such as the furry creatures that walk on four legs and make odd sounds are called animals, and the animal she meet when she arrived in this world was called a deer. She also learned that the shelter was called a cabin or a house, in most cases, and the casing the flowers were in are called pots. The mid-sized wooden structure was a chair or a seat and the container of tea was called a cup.

 It wasn't hard for Talia to understand that there was a lot about this world that she did not fully understand. Every single day held new experiences for her to discover. She grew to trust and consider Rosaline as a part of her family, whom she learned the word and meaning from. Rosaline also gave her the name Talia Flourish, which the plant girl was more than happy to recieve. She felt as though she had an identity that came along with the name.

 Talia spent many years with Rosaline, learning everything that the old woman had to teach. In this time, Tailia also had the chance to meet Rosaline's grand daughter, Odette. Odette had bright blue eyes and long blonde hair and was Talia's best friend. The two girls would spend most of their time together walking around the woods, playing in the creek, feeding the animals, and making flower crowns for each others hair. Talia picked up most of her more modern customs from Odette. The young human girl taught Talia basic school subjects, introduced her to music and technology, and showed her fun accessories that human teenagers where interested in. Of course, Talia didn't enojy or understand most of what the humans were into, but she still loved spending time with Odette.

 Many years passed and it was finally time for Talia to move on from her home once again and discover a world, a life, for herself. With a tearful goodbye to the only family that she knew, she began her journey onward. Talia was never as alone as she thought she would be. She had discovered that she really loved animals in the time that she spent living with Rosaline. She loved to play wiht them, nurture them, and pet them. Animals didn't see Talia as a threat since she herself was literally a part of nature. In the eyes of most animals she is nothing more than a walking garden that offers them love, comfort and food.

Additional Information:
 -Talia didn't know what a name even was until she met Rosaline
 -Talia has never worn human clothing
 -If you understand technology, (even something so simple as turning a lamp on) Talia may confuse you for a witch or wizard.
 -She has never had a need for a care giver. The rain and sun is all she needs to survive as she uses phtosynthesis.
 -Flowers, vines, and leaves naturally grow and bloom from her body. Breathing oxygen instead of carbon monoxide, makes the vegetation an essential part o fher life.
 -Her energy stems from the light around her, whether it be from the suns warm rays or the moonsdim light. She flourishes from radiancy.
 -The vine wrapped around Talia's body is used mainly for personal protection (like a roses thorns) and the tips of those thorns are poisonious, though she controls the flow.
 -When she feels threatened, she will make a barrier around herself from vines. This can be highly dangerous to herself, because it also deprives her of light.
 -Talia doesn't quite understand why people wear clothes, since she uses flowers to clother herself.
 -Talia's hair sometimes sprouts leaves and flower buds on its own.
 -She gets easily annoyed with modern technologies, because she never experienced it in the forest.
 -She has no reason to eat mortal food, because her body naturally uses phtosyenthesis. Eating is just a pleasantltry to her.
 -She is very light and on occasions a strong wind may knock her over.
 -Her mood and energy depends on the amount of light she can absorb at that given time.
 -There are a lot of common things that Talia doesn't understand, such as: Sarcasm, lying, when people say the opposite of what they really mean, ect.
 -Talia doesn't like music, because she's used to the natural sounds of the earth.
 -She considers all animals as part of her family.
 -Talia enjoys conversations with other people to an extreme, because she hasn't been able to speak with people since she left Rosaline
 -She finds different creatures fascinating, because she never knew that there were so many people in the world.
 -The only mortal food that Talia hasn't been able to try is roasted marshmellows and smores

Arianna Tide [Year One] BA by oOoKenshinLoveroOo
Arianna Tide [Year One] BA

Timezone: Eastern Time Zone

Full Name: Ariana Tide


Gender: Female


Species: Mermaid


Birthday: May 9th


Age: 103 (Appears 19)



Class Year: 1st


Main Classes:








RP Method: Mainly Script and Paragraph


Best RP by: Best in notes, but I can do comments and Skype for group RPs



Special Abilities:

            -Hydrokinesis- Control over water

            -Aquapathy- The ability to communicate with or control sea life through her mind



            -Learning about human culture and customs

            -Picking on Mr. Bubbles


            -Walking on the beach

            -Swimming in different bodies of water

            -Wearing different human clothes


            -Swimming with dolphins

            -Playing with different types of fish

            -Spending time with her father

            -Exploring new places

            -Watching the stars

            -Picking flowers

            -Land animals



            -When Mr. Bubbles lies about what she is saying

            -When people look at Mr. Bubbles instead of her when they are speaking with her

            -Being misunderstood in conversation or taken for snobbish when she cannot actually reply to people

            -Small spaces or being crowded

            -Being touched by numerous hands at a time

            -Large land animals



            -Wearing her royal jewelry and garments

            -Extremely hot or humid climates



            Ariana could possibly be one of the kindest people you meet. Even without being able to use her own words, she tries her hardest to reach out and touch all of the people and creatures around her. Even in the face of fear and adversity, she tries to have courage and stand on her own. Though, more often than not, she gets knocked back. She doesn't let this dull her spirit, though. She loves nothing more than to lift a person's spirit on a bad day. Not being able to speak directly with people, she is often misunderstood or mistaken for cold, snobbish, or simply extremely shy. Part of that is not too far off base, though. Ariana is rather shy with new people, but she does not let that stand in the way of making new friends. The ocean is a vast and open place, therefore she is not accustomed to crowds or closed spaces, making her very nervous and afraid when faced with such obstacles. She has a free and whimsical spirit, going wherever the wind may take her. She wants to experience all that life has to offer. She has simple taste but an extraordinary heart. Love comes easy to her, it's in her nature. She doesn't hate a single soul and forgives even the most vile of people. She believes that every person has a kind heart deep down and she plans to bring the best out in every one that she meets. If hope was a person, it would be Ariana. She is a trusting, naive girl who puts her all into everyone she meets, and that is exactly her down fall. Ariana does not know how to distrust someone. Believing that every person is as kind as she is, is what screws her over most. She is an easy target to anyone who seeks to hurt or destroy her. She doesn't like to fight in any aspect of the word, thus she gives up before she even tries. This results in being hurt physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She has been captured, beat down, used for personal gain more times than she can count. She doesn't understand that evil does live in the world, but someday soon it will come crashing down her



            Arianna was born in a kingdom under the sea to the king and queen. She was the first and only princess the land would ever know. Her mother died upon giving birth to little Arianna. She would never get know her mother personally, but cherished every story her father would tell her. As a child, the little princess was very ill. The king and his medical team did everything they could for her, but it simply was not enough. Arianna grew weaker every day, to the point where she couldn't even leave her bed. The king was afraid that he would lose his only child and sought to save her anyway possible. He sent his royal knights on a mission to find a cure somewhere in the ocean. Weeks passed before two men came back with an elderly woman. Approaching the king, the woman explained that she knew of a spell that would cure his daughters ailments. The king pleaded with the woman to help his little girl. The woman agreed. Taking the elderly mermaid back to his daughters room, the king waited by the door as the woman casted the spell. When she finished her incantation, the woman merely smiled and left the kingdom. The king was elated to have his little princess' health returned and scooped her up into his arms. His joyful laughing was cut short, though, when he noticed something odd about Arianna. Though, she appeared to be grinning and laughing, no sound was coming out. The king asked her to call his name. Her little lips moved, but again, no sound could be heard. The king grew furious as he pulled his daughter in close to him. He demanded that his knights find the old hag who cast this curse upon his daughter, but the woman was never found. Thus, Arianna grew up mute. Only being able to communicate with her father through facial expressions, slight hand movements and written word.


            Growing up, it was hard to play with other kids, because she didn't know how to talk to them and, frankly, they didn't understand her form of "sign language." Arianna found herself spending more time on her own exploring the ocean right outside of her fathers kingdom. It was there that she discovered two dolphins playing with each other and wished to join them. She swam closer and closer to them, waving her hands and grinning from ear to ear. She wanted to call out to them and introduce herself, but she knew no words would come. To her surprise, as she thought of this, the dolphins to turned her sand chattered excitedly. They understood her, but how... She heard one of the dolphins say "Come play!" Was she...reading the dolphins mind? And if so, how? Could they read her mind, too? She decided to test this and thought to ask for their names. The dolphins, again, answered her. Arianna had no idea how this was even possible, but was elated either way to have made some friends.


            As years flew by, Arianna learned to hone the skill of aquapathy and found that she was no longer alone. Her personality was more cheerful and she grew more loving towards her father and subjects. She gained more confidence and was able to make friends with other mermaids/men. Due to this, the king thought it to be a good idea to start training Arianna to be the next ruler of the kingdom. He would regularly have a tutor come by and teach the princess how to properly lead the people. Vice versa, Arianna would try to communicate with her tutor in the only ways she knew how. Lessons would regularly get frustrating as her teacher never quite understood exactly what Arianna was trying to tell him. The little princess tried constantly to tell her father that she didn't want to be a queen. Being the stubborn man he was, though, he never heard her out. Instead, he would emphasize the importance of her taking over the role once he was gone, saying that the people needed a leader. Arianna grew aggravated with her father. How could he expect her to lead an entire kingdom when she could barely communicate with her own dad and tutor.


            She fled from the kingdom for a while, needing to clear her mind, when she stumbled across a little orange blob nestled between a large rock and some seaweed. Upon closer inspection, she discovered the little "blob" was actually a tiny octopus. "Stay away!" The octopus shouted. This startled Arianna. Not because it was being slightly hostile, perse, but because it spoke to her through words and not through her mind. She asked the little creature how it was possible for it to do such a thing. Usually fish couldn't speak through actual words. She hoped that the little octopus could teach her how to do this, but he quickly shot that idea down when he answered, "Just...something I was born with." Arianna sighed in disappointment, but then smiled and introduced herself. "Why are you not speaking?" The octopus asked. Explaining her story to the little orange sea creature, the octopus nodded to indicate he understood. The princess asked he was hiding behind the seaweed. As if striking a nerve, the cephalopod snapped, "That's none of your business!" Arianna simply stared at the little guy with a sad puppy dog expression. The octopus looked away, trying to break contact with her emerald green eyes, until her couldn't take it anymore. "Fine!" He shouted, "I was attacked! And...I came here to...hide." Looking closer at his tiny body, she noticed that three of his tentacles were injured. Just then, she had an idea. Arianna decided to make a deal with him, he would come home with her and be her personal translator and in return, she would heal him and provide shelter and protection. The little octopus thought about this arrangement and finally agreed to her terms.


            Finally, she asked for his name. "I...don't have one..." He answered. This didn't surprise Arianna too much, it was actually common for most fish not to have a real name. Smiling excitedly, she told him that she would name. "Really!?" He asked a bit taken back. She nodded and then came up with the best name she could possibly think of. Mr. Bubble! The octopus protested this name, but the young mermaid had already grown accustomed to it. There was no changing it now, even though he wanted to. Quickly, Arianna scooped up Mr. Bubbles into her arms and hugged him tightly, before placing him gently on top of her head and swimming back to her kingdom to show her father. The king was quite confused when his daughter entered the castle with an octopus on her head. "Allow me to introduce myself, your highness." The little creature began, "My name is...Mr. Bubbles...your daughter named me. I am here to speak for her." He paused a moment before saying, "Go on, Arianna. What do you want to say?" The princess smiled at her father as she thought about what she wanted to tell him. "Daddy..." Mr. Bubbles started awkwardly, not particularly wanting to say that. "Now we can speak with each other." The king’s eyes widened as he turned his attention to his daughters face. "Is this true? Is that what you wanted to say?" He asked anxiously. Arianna nodded and hugged her father. They were both overjoyed that they could finally live a normal life with one another. The king happily accept Mr. Bubbles into the royal family, treating him more like a son than just another fish or civilian.


            Now that the king could finally communicate properly with his daughter, he expected more from her royal studies. But Arianna simply had no interest in being the next queen. She wanted to explore the sea and discover new things and areas. She wanted to make friends and find hidden treasure, she didn't want to be tied down to one area of the world forever. Though, her father didn't like the idea of her leaving the kingdom to explore he knew that he couldn't stop her even if he tried. And besides, he wanted his daughter to do whatever made her happy. She had a hard enough childhood, he merely just wanted to see her smile, always. So, he allowed her to venture off on her own, without guards or knights to watch her.


            In her adventures, Arianna happened across a man who had been swept away at sea and was close to drowning. She grabbed his body and swam him back to shore. As she approached the sandy land, she had to drag him with one arm and pull herself up with the other. She rested his body on the beach and frantically asked Mr. Bubbles what to do. "I don't know! How do humans even work?" Mr. Bubbles replied back just as anxiously. Without a second thought, Arianna began pressing on his chest and before they knew it, the human was coughing up water and breathing again. He sat up slowly and thanked the young girl for saving his life, before shrieking and slapping the octopus off of her head. The princess gasped and began to crawl over to her friend, before feeling an odd sensation. Looking down her tail (or where he tail should be) She noticed that she now had legs, like the human man. The man asked for her name as he tried to help the girl stand up. Stumbling over herself, Arianna finally caught her balance by holding onto his shoulders. She took a step and then another and then another, until she was finally walking. Excitedly she grabbed the man’s hands and twirled him around in a circle with her. He didn’t quite understand what was so exciting, but the girl had just saved his life, so he went with it. The man asked her to join him for dinner as a "thank you" for rescuing him. Shaking her head lightly, Arianna knew that she couldn't, in all good conscience, join him. After all, the man had no idea what she really was and how could she explain that she needed the octopus to speak? The man tried again to convince her to join him, but finally gave up and simply shook her hand, before leaving to find his way home.


            Arianna had never heard lf a mermaid walking on land before and the new experience excited her to no end. She grabbed Mr. Bubbles and ran around the beach. The feeling of sand between her toes felt wonderful, she almost dint want to return to the ocean. She looked beyond the beach and saw a vast forest stretched out in front of her. She told Mr. Bubbles that she wanted to explore this new world and, though, he was reluctant to accept this, he agreed and the two friends started a new journey together.



Additional Information:

            -To threaten Mr. Bubbles, when he's misinterpreting her, Arianna threatens to eat him (jokingly of course)

            -The only thing that irritates Arianna more than anything, is not being able to fully express herself to others

            -Arianna becomes panicked when she is around others without Mr. Bubbles

            -Arianna rescues people who are drowning in the ocean

            -She has full control over her change from having a mermaid tail to human legs

            -Arianna always carries around a bottle of salt water to keep Mr. Bubbles hydrated

            -She does go back to visit her father in the summers

            -Arianna’s father still intends on her becoming queen someday

            -Arianna looks at Mr. Bubbles as part of her family and feels very lonely if he's not around


Mr. Bubbles

Timezone: Eastern Time Zone


Full Name: Mr. Bubbles


Gender: Male


Species: Octopus


Birthday: July 19th


Age: Unknown



Class Year: N/A


Main Classes: N/A


Clubs: N/A


Sports: N/A


Dorm: N/A


RP Method: Mainly Script and Paragraph


Best RP by: Best in notes, but I can do comments and Skype for group RPs



Special Abilities:


            Shape shifting (only into clothing objects)



            -Crabs and prawns

            -Picking on Arianna

            -Being with Arianna and her father

            -Animals who are smaller than him

            -Playing games with Arianna

            -People who are genuinely kind to him and Arianna

            -When people compliment his coloring

            -Being called cute low key



            -Being talked down to

            -When people take advantage of Arianna

            -Large Animals

            -Being called a "pet"

            -Not being treated like a separate person from Arianna

            -Being treated like a child

            -Feeling useless

            -Being away from Arianna for long periods of time he worries

            -Being called a squid



            Mr. Bubbles is a witty, sarcastic little octopus. He is quick with his opinions of people and can tell right away whether he will like a person or not. He is very blunt and will give you his opinion whether you ask for it or not and doesn't really care if he hurts a persons feelings. He thinks he is more threatening than what he really is and will talk a big game without being able to back it up. Though he puts up this tough guy personality, he has a huge soft spot for Arianna and her well-being. Acting more as he big brother and seeking only to protect her from the harsh word that she fails to notice. He tries to come off strong to prevent peo0ple from walking all over himself and Arianna.



            Mr. Bubbles was always running from predators from the moment he opened his eyes. And having telepathic and shape shifting abilities didn't much in the way of friends. Other, non-threatening, fish were afraid of Mr. Bubbles when he would change form. He was constantly being attacked or ran away from, until he met Arianna. The only person who was ever kind to him. Though, he skeptical to trust her at first, he decided to be her interrupter and travel the world with her. He has never once regretted this decision.



Additional Information:

            -He can change into any form of clothing so that Arianna and himself can blend into human society

            -Arianna is the main reason he's mostly bearable to be around. She scolds him for being mean

            -He doesn't find it funny when Arianna threatens to eat him

            -He thinks humans live an odd life style

            -He doesn't understand technology and therefore doesn't like it</font>\




Arianna's speech will be written with stars, ex: "*Hello.*"

Mr. Bubbles' speech will use regular quotes, ex: "Hello."


I will add more to their profiles later, but I've been writing for a few hours now ^__^;

Between getting new jobs and taking care of my grandmother, I've decided I wanted to be more active here again. 
Not sure if I can keep up with groups right now, but I do have some characters I'd like to upload once they're all colored and maybe some RPs.
Not quite sure, but HEY! I'm here, so tell me what you think!
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